Man pages for SCIL-leuven/qpcrviia7
qPCR analysis from viia7

calculate_DCTCaclulate Delta CT
calculate_mean_hkgCalculate mean housekeeping genes
filter_sampleFilter for a sample number
gm_meanTake the geometric average
join_and_clean_qpcrMerge and clean data
list_bad_tech_repList of bad technical replicates
list_double_meltcurvesFilter for primers with double meltcurve peaks
plot_scatterPlot scatterplot
qc_hkgPlot QC graphs
qc_mean_hkgPlot QC graphs
qc_tech_repCheck quality technical replicates
qpcrviia7_theme_optsTheme for plotting
read_annotationRead annotation files
read_qpcrRead qpcr file
remove_bad_meltcurvesRemove observations with bad meltcurves
remove_blancRemove blanc
remove_outliersRemove outliers
remove_primerRemove primer
remove_sampleRemove a specific sample
set_min_max_CTSet minimum and maximum CT value
split_genesSplit genes
stat_t_testPerform t-test
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