Man pages for SCnext/SCGLR
Supervised Component Generalized Linear Regression

barplot.SCGLRBarplot of percent of overall X variance captured by...
barplot.SCGLRTHMBarplot of percent of overall X variance captured by...
cash-.MultivariateFormula$ operator for multivariate formula
critConvergenceAuxiliary function for controlling SCGLR fitting
customizePlot customization
genusSample dataset of abundance of genera in tropical moist...
infoCriterionFunction that calculates cross-validation selection criteria
multivariateFormulaFormula construction
multivariateGlm.fitMultivariate generalized linear regression
multivariatePredictGlmFunction that predicts the responses from the covariates for...
pairs.SCGLRPairwise scglr plot on components
plot.SCGLRSCGLR generic plot
plot.SCGLRTHMSCGLRTHM generic plot
print.MultivariateFormulaprint a multivariate formula
print.SCGLRPrint SCGLR object
scglrFunction that fits the scglr model
scglrCrossValFunction that fits and selects the number of component by...
scglrThemeFunction that fits the theme model
scglrThemeBackwardTheme Backward selection
summary.SCGLRSummarizing SCGLR fits
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