Man pages for SMBC-NZP/MigConnectivity
Estimate Strength of Migratory Connectivity for Migratory Animals

abundExamplesExample relative abundance estimates from simulated data
calcMCMigratory connectivity strength function
distFromPosDistance matrix from position matrix
estMantelEstimate Mantel correlation (rM) from geolocator and/or GPS...
estMCEstimate MC from abundance and/or transition probability...
getCMRexampleGrab (from
modelCountDataJAGSEstimates population-level relative abundance from count data
OVENdataOvenbird light-level geolocator and GPS neccesary data
projectionsMap projections
sampleOriginNExample origin site abundances and relative abundances
sampleOriginPosExample origin and target site positions and distances on a...
samplePsisExample transition probabilities (psis) between origin and...
simCountDataSimulates Breeding Bird Survey-style count data
simMoveSimulates position of birds by individual, season, year, and...
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