Man pages for SPOMAN/osc
Tools for analysis of data often acquired in the Organic Surface Chemistry group

add_peaksAdd peak indicators at the given indices
areaFit a background and calculate the area between to points
coverageCalculate coverage based on peak integration
cv_readLoad cyclic voltammogram
echem_readRead electrochemistry data
electrolysis_readLoad electrolysis Reads *.txt files from the CHI...
extract_metadataExtract metadata from the header of a datafile
find_dataFind the data startposition
find_gradientLocal gradient at given index
find_peakReturns the index of the nearest peak
generic_dfReturn a standard dataframe with two columns (x and y)
get_exp_typeReturn electrochemical experiment type
gr_cf_fit_addAdd peaks to a spectrum data frame
gr_cf_fit_plotPlot fitted spectrum with peaks
gr_fit_lineReturn Lorentzian or Gaussian fit
gr_gaussianGaussian curve
gr_lorentzianLorentzian curve
metaGet metadata
peak_pickerPick peaks in datasets interactively
plot_areaPlot fitted area
plot.cvPlot cyclic voltammograms
plot.electrolysisPlot electrolysis
plot_peaksPlot a dataset contain defined peaks
plot.raman_curvefitPlot results of graphene curve fit
print.cvPrint function for CV
print.electrolysisPrint function for electrolysis
raman_curvefit_readLoad results of graphene curve fit
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