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Quickly add a new script to a workflow by automatically renumbering the existing scripts.




When files need to be run in sequence it is good practice to prefix them with numbers. This package makes it easier to add a script to the middle of an existing workflow without the need to manually renumber the all the scripts.


> library("renamer")

Start by adding a few workflow scripts...

> add_script("01-import_data.R")
> add_script("02-clean_data.R")
> add_script("03-explore_data.R")

We now remember we need to add an initial configuration file...

> add_script("01-config.R")
Error in add_script("01-config.R") : 
  Script number in 01-config.R clashes with 01-import_data.R. Set renumber flag to TRUE to renumber scripts.

Since this can be a pretty drastic change, in case of conflict we need to set the renumber flag to TRUE:

> add_script("01-config.R", renumber = TRUE)

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