Man pages for STAT-UP/statupinternal
STAT-UP Utility Functions

as_numeric_commaConverts Character to Numeric for Numbers Using a Decimal...
checkpoint_DESCRIPTIONSet a Checkpoint Based on the DESCRIPTION File of a Package
geom_coltextBar Plot with Numbers at the Ends of the Bars. Options not...
get_brightnessGet Brightness of a Color
grapes-notin-grapesNegation of %in% Operator
grapes-or-or-grapesImport of ggplot NULL-Avoiding OR
grapes-s-grapesExport of stringi string concatenate
insert_dropdown_htmlInsert the Necessary Code to Turn Tabs into Dropdowns
isFALSEOpposite to isTRUE
load_or_installInstall (If Necessary) and Load Multiple Packages at Once
outsideNegation of %between% Operator
percentifyTurns a Probability into a Percentage
provideRestrict Variables to a Local Block
round_sensiblyRound Numbers to an "Appropriate" Number of Digits
round_significantlyRound Numbers to Significant Digits
statupinternal-packagestatupinternal: STAT-UP Utility Functions
unlikeNegation of %like% Operator
whereMultiple ifelse clauses
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