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Adjusted Risk


adjusted_risk(prop, RR)



A vector of proportions of the population that belong to each URG (Unit risk group)


A vector of the relative risks of for each URG. The first of these is the referent group and therefore must be equal to 1


Calculate the adjusted risk for each of the unit risk groups (URG). This can be used at both the herd and the animal level. The proportion vector, for herd level, is therefore the proportion herds in the population that are in each of the unit risk groups. The proportion vector for animal level is the proportion of animals within a given herd that are in each URG.


A vector of Adjusted risks


df <- sample_data(nherds = 100,
                 mean_herd_size = 300,
                 n_herd_urg = 2,
                 herd_dist = c(0.9, 0.1),
                 herd_samp_frac = 0.01,
                 herd_samp_dist = c(0.3, 0.7),
                 n_animal_urg = 1,
                 animal_dist = c(1),
                 animal_samp_frac = 0.05,
                 animal_samp_dist = c(1),
                 seed = 1)
## The proportion of herds in each unit risk group
## Calculate the Adjusted risk for each unit risk group based on the
## proportion in each group and the estimated relative risk of being
## in that group:
AR <- freedom::adjusted_risk(as.numeric(table(df$herd_urg)/nrow(df)),
                             c(1, 2.3))

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