Man pages for SVA-SE/mill
Authoring Reports

apply_patchApply patch
authorsList authors
build_figuresBuild figures
checkCheck report
cleanupCleanup temporary files
clear_checksClear checks
col_widthsColumn widths
create_MakefileCreate a Makefile in each chapter of the report
create_patchCreate patch
dim.docx_w_tcDimensions of a cell.
docx_captionCreate a docx caption object
docx_footnoteCreate a docx footnote object
docx_labelCreate a docx label object
docx_paragraphCreate a docx paragraph object
docx_tableCreate a docx table object
docx_tablesLoad all tables in a docx file
figure_filesList figure files
formatted_authorsFormatting authors
from_docxConvert from docx to tex
image_diffCompare Images
importImport chapter docx file from workspace
kommunerAdministrative units in Sweden (Kommun)
NUTS_10MAdministrative (NUTS) units in Sweden (1 : 10 Million)
NUTS_20MAdministrative (NUTS) units in Sweden (1 : 20 Million)
pandocRun pandoc
pdf_npNumber of pages in a pdf
pdf_splitSplit up a pdf
plot.pdf_diff_dfplot.pdf_diff_df A plotting method for the dataframe...
reduce_imageReduce Images
referencesTeX references
spell_checkingSpell checking of chapters
sva_themeA ggplot2 theme for plotting in the report
to_pdfBuild report
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