Man pages for SVA-SE/mill
Authoring Reports

apply_patchApply patch
authorsList authors
build_figuresBuild figures
chapter_tex_filesGet the chapter tex files
checkCheck report
check_apply_typeset_patchCheck apply patch 'typeset.patch' to 'text.tex'
check_expect_clean_repositoryCheck that repository is clean
check_expect_pandoc_is_installedCheck that pandoc is installed
check_expect_patch_is_installedCheck that GNU patch is installed
check_missing_figure_reference_filesCheck for missing figure reference files
check_missing_table_reference_filesCheck for missing table reference files
create_MakefileCreate a Makefile in each chapter of the report
do_initInitialize a report structure
explain_labelingExplain the labeling
exportExport files to workspace
figure_filesList figure files
format_labelsFormat the label from a figure path
formatted_authorsformatted authors
from_docxConvert from docx to tex
get_labelGet the label from a figure path
importImport chapter docx file from workspace
import_fromImport a chapter from another report
init_cleanClean folder structure before init
init_reportIntialize the report folder structure
load_reportLoad configuration for the report
luatexRun LuaTeX
luatex_cmdSelect a luatex system call
pandocRun pandoc
preview_figurePreview a figure
preview_figuresPreview figures
preview_tablePreview a table
preview_tablesPreview tables
reduce_imageReduce Images
referencesTeX references
roundtripRoundtrip tex to docx
to_docxConvert from tex to docx
to_pdfBuild report
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