Man pages for SWS-Methodology/faoswsImputation
Package to perform ensemble imputation for various FAO domains

addNoDataModelsAdd Ensemble Weights for Sets of the Data without Valid...
allDefaultModelsReturns all default models
buildEnsembleModelBuild Ensemble Model
checkEnsembleModelCheck Ensemble Model
computeEnsembleFunction to combine the ensembles
computeEnsembleFitFunction to compute the fits of all the component models
computeEnsembleWeightFunction to compute the weights of the ensemble models
computeErrorLOOCVLOOCV Error Rate
computeErrorRateFunction to compute the error of different model fits
computeLoocvFitsFunction to compute the fitted values from Leave One Out...
defaultArimaThe default ARIMA model for the ensemble model.
defaultExpThe default exponential model for the ensemble model.
defaultGlobalMeanGlobal Mean Model for Imputation
defaultGlobalMedianGlobal Median Model for Imputation
defaultImputationParametersDefault Imputation Parameters
defaultLmThe default linear regression model for the ensemble model.
defaultLoessThe default LOESS model for the ensemble model.
defaultLogisticDefault Logistic Model for the Ensemble.
defaultMarsThe default MARS model for the ensemble model.
defaultMeanThe default mean model for the ensemble model.
defaultMedianThe default median model for the ensemble model.
defaultMixedModelThis function imputes missing values with a linear mixed...
defaultMixedModelOptimizedOptimized Mixed Model for Imputation
defaultMovingAverageThe default moving average model.
defaultNaiveThe default naive model for the ensemble model.
defaultSplineThe default spline model for the ensemble model.
ensembleImputeFunction to perform ensemble imputation
ensembleModel-classEnsemble Model Class
ensureImputationInputsEnsure Imputation Inputs
extendSimpleModelExtend Simple Model
faoswsImputation-packagePackage to perform ensemble imputation for various FAO...
getCovariatesGet Covariates
getDefaultRangeDefault range for ensemble models
getInverseWeightsGet Ensemble Weights via Inverse Errors
getObservedExtrapolationRangeGet Observed Extrapolation Range
getStackingWeightsGet Ensemble Weights via Stacking
getWeightMatrixGet Weight Matrix
imputeSingleObservationMake Cross-Validation Groups
imputeVariableFunction to impute production or yield
logisticGlmHelper function for defaultLogistic
logisticNlsHelper function for defaultLogistic
logisticNlsInterceptHelper function for defaultLogistic
makeCvGroupMake Cross-Validation Groups
mixedModelFixedDfMixed Model for Imputation with Fixed DF
okraExample data for the documentations.
plotEnsemblePlot Ensemble and Model Fits
reassignGlobalVariableReassign Global Variable
sampleEquallyHelper function for makeCvGroup
weightMatrixToVectorConvert the weights matrix to a vector
weightVectorToMatrixConvert the weights vector to a matrix
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