API for SWS-Methodology/faoswsLoss
Package to perform the computation of food loss FAO food balance sheets

Global functions
FSC_Markov Source code
LossModel Source code
MultiExp Source code
VariablesAdd1 Source code
addHeadingsCPC Source code
addHeadingsFCL Man page
dataLag Source code
faoswsLoss Man page
faoswsLoss-package Man page
getImportData Man page
getLossData Man page Source code
getLossData_LossDomain Source code
getLossFoodGroup Man page
getOpeningStockData Man page
getProductionData Man page Source code
getRequiredItems Man page
getSelectedLossData Man page
imputeLoss Man page
mergeAllLossData Man page
removeCarryLoss Man page
saveImputedLoss Man page
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