Man pages for SWS-Methodology/faoswsStandardization
Package to perform standardization of SUA (supply utilization account) data to FBS level

addMissingElementsAdd Missing Elements
adjustCommodityTreeAdjust Commodity Tree
balanceResidualBalance Residual
calculateAvailabilityAggregate Availability
checkShareValueCheck if values of shares are consistent and substitute...
collapseEdgesCollapse Edges
computeFbsAggregateCompute FBS Aggregate
computeSupplyComponentsFinal Standardization to Primary Equivalent
convertSugarCodesConverts sugar codes 23511.01 and 23512 to 2351f
dataDownloadFixData Download and Fix of sugar Values
defaultStandardizationParametersDefault Standardization Parameters
elementCodesToNamesElement Codes to Names
elementNamesToCodesElement Names to Codes
faoswsStandardization-packagePackage for standardization of Food Balance Sheets
finalStandardizationToPrimaryFinal Standardization to Primary Equivalent
findProcessingLevelFind Processing Level
getFBSTreeGet FBS Tree
getOldCommodityTreeGet Old Commodity Tree
huberWrapper for function from MASS
mapCommodityTreeMap Commodity Tree
markUpdatedMark Updated Cells
plotCommodityTreesPlot Commodity Trees
plotSingleTreePlot Single Tree
printSUATablePrint SUA Table
printSUATableNamesPrint SUA Table with name of commodities
processForwardProcess Forward
roundNumRound numbers
saveFBSItermediateStepSave Intermediate steps of Standardization process
sendMail4forcedSend email after having checked if some protected figure of...
sendMail4sharesSend email after having checked for shares
sendMailAttachmentSend email after having checked if some protected figure of...
standardizeTreeStandardize Tree
suaFillingThis function replaces the old BalanceResidual
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