API for Sage-Bionetworks/predictiveModeling
The predictive modeling package allows users to write custom predictive models or use off-the-shelf models via caret, and compare their performance.

Global functions
CaretModel Man page
CoxModel Man page
GlmnetModel Man page
LinearModel Man page
MostCorrelatedFeatures Man page
PredictiveModel Man page
PredictiveModelFeatureEvaluator Man page
PredictiveModelPerformance Man page
PredictiveModelResults Man page
RSFmodel Man page
SurvivalModelPerformance Man page
SurvivalModelPerformanceCV Man page
convertDataFrameToFeatureMatrix Man page
createAggregateFeatureDataSet Man page
createENetTuneGrid Man page
createFeatureAndResponseDataList Man page
crossValidatePredictiveModel Man page
crossValidatePredictiveSurvivalModel Man page
defaultTrainControl Man page
exactConcordanceIndex Man page
filterNasFromMatrix Man page
filterPredictiveModelData Man page
plotPredictiveModelHeatmap Man page
trainPartition Man page
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