Man pages for Samantha-Lui/EZRecords
Easy Bookkeeping and Stock Management for Retails

addAdd an element
all_items-classAll Items in an order
discountDiscount of an item
displayDisplay Content
find_duplicateCheck if an order number has a duplicate in the database
invoiceInvoice generator for orders
invoice-classInvoice for an order
invoice.demoDemo for invoice generator for orders
is_emptyCheck if the Object Is Empty
joinAppend another log to a log
order_trackCreate codes for the order numbers
printPrint Objects
product_logs-classPRODUCT LOGS
product_transac-classProduct Transaction
remove_lastRemove the most last element
show_all_items_infoShow information of all items in a log for summary
show_duplicateDisplay the record with the same order number
show_stockShow the stock of products
single_item-classSingle Item in an order
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