Man pages for SantanderMetGroup/R_VALUE
Climate data validation in the framework of the COST action VALUE

aggregateVALUEAggregation of value objects along selected dimensions
corrMat.VALUECorrelation matrix for paper Figures 4 and 5 on spatial...
deseason.VALUERemove seasonal cycle
dimFixComplete missing dimensions of VALUE objects
getLatLonDomainValueStationsDefine geolocation of station datasets
getSeason.VALUEGet season from a station or field object
getTimeDomainValueStationsTime index positions for station dataset selections
getYearsAsINDEX.VALUEGet years as a factor
index.acfAutocorrelation function
index.amountFreqGEAmount from events above threshold
index.amountFreqGTAmount from events above threshold
index.annual.cycleAnnual cycle statistics
index.annual.cycle.filteredFiltered annual cycle maxima statistics
index.freqRelative/Absolute frequencies w.r.t. user-defined thresholds
index.freqDDDry-dry probability
index.freqDWDry-wet probability
index.freqWDWet-dry probability
index.freqWWWet-wet probability
index.lfvarProportion of variance in low frequency
index.meanArithmetic mean
index.meanGEArithmetic mean of days equal or above threshold
index.prcXXthSample quantiles
index.rvReturn Value
index.sdStandard deviation
index.spellmax.annual.prcXXthAnnual spell length percentiles
index.spell.meanSpell length mean
index.spell.prcXXthSpell length percentiles
index.trendInterannual trend
index.wetAmount.prcXXthTotal amount of precipitation of wet days above percentile
jointProbMat.VALUEJoint probability analysis
loadValuePredictionsLoad VALUE predictions data
loadValueStationsLoad VALUE station data
measure.bias.circCircular bias
measure.bias.relRelative bias
measure.bsBrier score
measure.cmCramer von Misses
measure.corlongtermCorrelation on Long time scales
measure.ksTwo-sided KS score
measure.maeMean absolute error
measure.nDaysN days
measure.rmseRoot mean square error
miMat.VALUEMutual Information Matrix
na.filter.VALUERemove stations above a given proportion of missing data
string2datePOSIXlt conversion from character
subsetVALUESelect an arbitrary subset from a VALUE object along one or...
timeBoundsValueCompute time bounds
wrapperFUNWrapper function to launch the validation
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