Man pages for SantanderMetGroup/downscaleR
An R package for bias correction and statistical downscaling

analogs.testDonwscaling with the analogs method (test).
biasCorrectionBias correction methods
biasCorrection1DBias correction methods on 1D data
dateReplacementCompute dates of a downscaled observational dataset
deltaDelta method for bias correction
downscalePerfect-prog downscaling
downscale.cvDownscale climate data and reconstruct the temporal serie by...
downscale.predictDownscale climate data for a given statistical model.
downscale.trainCalibration of downscaling methods
downs.predictSwitch to selected downscale method.
downs.trainSwitch to selected downscale method.
eqmEmpirical Quantile Mapping method for bias correction
flatMemberDimConcatenate members
get2DmatCoordinatesGet grid coordinates as 2D matrix
getWindowIndexGet the index of the window days.
glimprGLM downscaling
glm.predictDonwscaling with a given generalized linear model (GLM).
glm.trainDonwscaling with generalized linear models (GLM).
gpqmGeneralized Quantile Mapping method for bias correction
grabGrobObtain a grob object from ordinary plot
isimipBias correction ISI-MIP method
lociLocal intensity scaling of precipitation
ppModelSetupData preparation for perfect-prog model construction
pqmParametric Quantile Mapping method for bias correction
predictor.nn.indicesCalculate spatial index position of nearest neighbors
predictor.nn.valuesConstruct local predictor matrices
prepareDataConfiguration of data for downscaling
prepareNewDataPrepare newdata for predictions
ptrPower transformation of precipitation
quickDiagnosticsPlots daily/annual series and the annual correlation map of...
recoverMemberDimRecover member multimember structure
renameDimsSet the 'dimensions' attribute
scalingScaling method for bias correction
varianceVariance scaling of temperature
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