What is transformeR?

transformeR is an R package for climate data manipulation and transformation including subsetting, regridding, and data conversion. Find out more about this package at the transformeR wiki

This package is part of the climate4R bundle, formed by loadeR, transformeR, downscaleR and visualizeR. The recommended installation procedure is to use the install_github command from the devtools R package:


NOTE: The utilities in transformeR were formerly part of downscaleR (up to v1.3-4). Since downscaleR v2.0-0, these are in transformeR and downscaleR is strictly aimed to statistical downscaling and bias correction.

Reference and further information:

[General description of the climate4R framework] Iturbide et al. (2019) The R-based climate4R open framework for reproducible climate data access and post-processing. Environmental Modelling and Software, 111, 42-54. Check out the companion notebooks for the two examples GitHub.

[Seasonal forecasting applications] Cofiño et al. (2018) The ECOMS User Data Gateway: Towards seasonal forecast data provision and research reproducibility in the era of Climate Services. Climate Services, 9, 33-43.

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