Man pages for Sayani07/gravitas
Explore Probability Distributions for Bivariate Temporal Granularities

create_granBuild dynamic temporal granularities
cricketCricket data set for different seasons of Indian Premier...
global_thresholdSelecting harmonies with significant difference in...
gran_adviceAdvice summaries for granularities
gran_obsCross tabulation of granularities useful for validating if...
harmonyGet possible set of harmonies for a given tsibble
histogram_distancePlotting histogram of distances between probability...
is_harmonyCheck if two temporal granularities are harmonies
print.gran_adviceAdvice summaries for granularities
prob_plotPlotting probability distributions across granularities
rank_harmonyPlotting probability distributions across granularities
rank_harmony_v0Plotting probability distributions across granularities
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
run_appRuns a shiny app demonstrating functionalities of gravitas
search_granSearch for granularities
sim_distharmony1Selecting harmonies with significant difference in...
smart_meter10Smart meter data for ten households
threshold_harmoniesSelecting threshold with rcompanion package
validate_granValidate created granularities with existing columns
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