Man pages for Selbosh/scrooge
Statistical modelling of heterogeneous citation networks

BradleyTerryFit a Bradley-Terry model
BT2Estimate the parameters of a Bradley-Terry model
BTscoresEstimate the parameters of a Bradley-Terry model
citationsAcademic citations dataset
community_profileCalculate community profiles
community_residualsCalculate residuals for communities in a network
cosine_similarityCosine similarity between two vectors
cprofileCalculate citation profiles
dissimilarityIndex of dissimilarity
fitted_citationsPredict citations based on community profile
get_journal_IDsGet all journal IDs if none specified
hessianBTCalculate the observed Fisher information of Bradley-Terry...
ILSREstimate the parameters of a Bradley-Terry model
loglikelihoodCalculate the log-likelihood of a Bradley-Terry model
merge_communitiesMerge communities in a network
multinomial_mixMultinomial mixture probabilities
nearest_cosineCalculate nearest point by cosine similarity
nearest_pointCalculate nearest point in convex hull
PageRankCompute a PageRank vector
profile_residualsCalculate Pearson profile residuals
pseudocountAdd pseudocounts to a paired comparison matrix
rmultihyperThe Multinomial Hypergeometric Distribution
rquasisymmetricSimulate a quasi-symmetric matrix
scroogeHelper functions by David A. Selby
ScroogefactorCompute the Scroogefactor
theme_selbyThemes for ggplot2 and stuff
vcovBTCalculate the variance-covariance matrix for a Bradley-Terry...
verifyCompare two vectors numerically
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