Man pages for Sensewaves/AdaptixR
A toolkit to interact with Sensewaves' Adaptix platform API

AdaptixConnectCreates an Adaptix Connection object to be supplied to API...
AdaptixCreateStreamCreate an Adaptix stream
AdaptixDeleteHTTPRequestBasic http DELETE request to Adaptix.
AdaptixDeleteStreamDelete an Adaptix stream
AdaptixDeleteStreamPointsDelete the points of an Adaptix stream
AdaptixForecastPerform forecast.
AdaptixForecastPointsToDataframeConvert a scenario list returned by AdaptixForecast followed...
AdaptixForecastPointsToXtsConvert a scenario list returned by AdaptixForecast followed...
AdaptixGetAllStreamIdsGet a vector of all Adaptix stream ids
AdaptixGetForecastScenariosConverts scenarios in a forecast response to a comprehensive...
AdaptixGetHTTPRequestBasic http GET request to Adaptix.
AdaptixGetLastPointsCollects the last N points of an Adaptix stream.
AdaptixGetNotificationsCollects the notifications of an Adaptix stream.
AdaptixGetPointsCollects the points of an Adaptix stream.
AdaptixGetPredictionScenariosConverts scenarios in a prediction response to a...
AdaptixGetStreamGet a specific Adaptix stream
AdaptixGetStreamsList all Adaptix streams.
AdaptixGetStreamsExpandedList all Adaptix streams, with expanded information.
AdaptixGetStreamsWithNamesGet a dataframe of all Adaptix streams as a data frame with...
AdaptixGetUserWhoAmIFetch the information of the current user.
AdaptixPostHTTPRequestBasic http POST request to Adaptix.
AdaptixPredictPerform prediction
AdaptixPredictionPointsToDataframeConvert a scenario list returned by AdaptixPredict followed...
AdaptixPredictionPointsToXtsConvert a scenario list returned by AdaptixPredict followed...
AdaptixPublishPointsPublishes points to an Adaptix stream.
AdaptixPutHTTPRequestBasic http PUT request to Adaptix.
AdaptixSearchPatternPerform a pattern search.
AdaptixUpdateStreamUpdate an Adaptix stream
ConvertDateToISO8601Converts a date to a formatted ISO8601 date
ConvertISO8601ToDateConverts a formatted ISO8601 date to a POSIXct.
ConvertSpanStringToSecondsA utility function to convert "span strings"
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