race: The 1991 National Race and Politics Survey

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This dataset is a subset of the 1991 National Race and Politics Survey and contains the item count technique or the list experiment. The main question reads as follows: Now I'm going to read you four things that sometimes make people angry or upset. After I read all (three/four), just tell me HOW MANY of them upset you. (I don't want to know which ones, just how many.) (1) "the federal government increasing the tax on gasoline;" (2) "professional athletes getting million-dollar-plus salaries;" (3) "large corporations polluting the environment;" (4) "a black family moving next door to you."


A data frame containing the following 6 variables for 1213 observations.

y numeric the number of items that make respondents angry 0 - 4
south numeric whether or not a respondents live in a southern state 0 - 1
male numeric whether or not a respondent is male 0 - 1
college numeric whether or not a respondent attended some college 0 - 1
age numeric age of a respondent divided by 10
treat numeric treatment status 0 - 1


where the last item is presented only with the treatment group and the control list only contains the first three items.


The full data set is available at SDA (Survey Documentation and Analysis; http://sda.berkeley.edu/D3/Natlrace/Doc/nrac.htm)

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