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Estimation and model selection for strictly positive heavy tailed data, using flexible parametric distributions

betapr_flexfitFitting Beta Prime distribution via maximum likelihood
betapr_flexpredictConditional mean for Beta Prime distribution
betapr_flexprobConditional probability for Beta Prime distribution
betapr_shape1First stage estimate for alpha in the Beta Prime distribution
betapr_shape2First stage estimate for beta in the Beta Prime distribution
dagum_flexfitFitting Dagum distribution via maximum likelihood
dagum_flexpredictConditional mean for Dagum distribution
dagum_flexprobConditional probability for Dagum distribution
DiabetesVirginia School of Medicine diabetes dataset
exp_flexfitFitting Exponential distribution via maximum likelihood
exp_flexpredictConditional mean for Exponential distribution
exp_flexprobConditional probability for Exponential distribution
exp_rateFirst stage estimate for lambda in the Exponential...
fisk_flexfitFitting Fisk distribution via maximum likelihood
fisk_flexpredictConditional mean for Fisk distribution
fisk_flexprobConditional probability for Fisk distribution
fisk_scaleFirst stage estimate for alpha in the Fisk distribution
fisk_shapeFirst stage estimate for beta in the Fisk distribution
flex_selectSelect best fitting distribution
gamma_flexfitFitting Gamma distribution via maximum likelihood
gamma_flexpredictConditional mean for Gamma distribution
gamma_flexprobConditional probability for Gamma distribution
gamma_rateFirst stage estimate for beta in the Gamma distribution
gamma_shapeFirst stage estimate for alpha in the Gamma distribution
gb2_flexfitFitting Generalized Beta of the Second Kind via maximum...
gb2_flexpredictConditional mean for Generalized Beta distribution of the...
gb2_flexprobConditional probability for Generalized Beta distribution of...
ggamma_alphaFirst stage estimate for alpha in the Generalized Gamma...
ggamma_flexfitFitting Generalized Gamma distribution via maximum likelihood
ggamma_flexpredictConditional mean for Generalized Gamma distribution
ggamma_flexprobConditional probability for Generalized Gamma distribution
ggamma_muFirst stage estimate for mu in the Generalized Gamma...
ggamma_phiFirst stage estimate for phi in the Generalized Gamma...
lnorm_flexfitFitting Log-Normal distribution via maximum likelihood
lnorm_flexpredictConditional mean for Log-Normal distribution
lnorm_flexprobConditional probability for Log-Normal distribution
lnorm_meanFirst stage estimate for mu in the Log-Normal distribution
lnorm_varFirst stage estimate for sigma squared in the Log-Normal...
lomax_flexfitFitting Lomax distribution via maximum likelihood
lomax_flexpredictConditional mean for Lomax distribution
lomax_flexprobConditional probability for Lomax distribution
lomax_scaleFirst stage estimate for lambda in the Lomax distribution
lomax_shapeFirst stage estimate for alpha in the Lomax distribution
sinmad_flexfitFitting Singh-Maddala distribution via maximum likelihood
sinmad_flexpredictConditional mean for Singh-Maddala distribution
sinmad_flexprobConditional probability for Singh-Maddala distribution
weibull_flexfitFitting Weibull distribution via maximum likelihood
weibull_flexpredictConditional mean for Weibull distribution
weibull_flexprobConditional probability for Weibull distribution
weibull_scaleFirst stage estimate for lambda in the Weibull distribution
weibull_shapeFirst stage estimate for kappa in the Weibull distribution
which_ICGeneral Purpose Information Criterion Function
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