Man pages for ShichenXie/pedar
Public Economic Data and Quantitative Analysis

ed_codecode list by category
ed_fredquery FRED economic data
ed_fred_symbolsymbol of FRED economic data
ed_nbsquery NBS economic data
ed_nbs_subregionsubregion code of NBS economic data
ed_nbs_symbolsymbol of NBS economic data
md_catequery main market data by category
md_futurequery future market data
md_future_symbolsymbol of future market data
md_stockquery stock market data
md_stock_financialsquery financial statements
md_stock_symbolsymbol components of exchange or index
pq_addtiadding technical indicators
pq_indexcreating weighted index
pq_perfcreating performance trends
pq_plotcreating charts for time series
pq_returncalculating returns by frequency
pq_to_freqconverting frequency of daily data
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