Man pages for SilentSpringInstitute/RNHANES
Facilitates Analysis of CDC NHANES Data

demography_filenameTranslates cycle years into the correct demography filename...
download_nhanes_fileDownload an NHANES data file from a given cycle
file_suffixReturns the NHANES file suffix for the given year
load_nhanes_descriptionDownload an NHANES description file
nhanes_analyzeCompute quantiles from NHANES weighted survey data
nhanes_cycle_yearsList the valid NHANES cycle years
nhanes_data_filesList the NHANES data files
nhanes_detection_frequencyCompute detection frequencies of NHANES data
nhanes_geometric_meanCompute geometric means from NHANES weighted survey data
nhanes_histPlot a weighted histogram of an NHANES variable
nhanes_load_dataDownload NHANES data files.
nhanes_load_demography_dataDownload NHANES demography files for a specific cycle.
nhanes_quantileCompute quantiles from NHANES weighted survey data
nhanes_sample_sizeCompute the sample size of NHANES data
nhanes_searchSearch the results from nhanes_variables or nhanes_data_files
nhanes_surveyApply a function from the survey package to NHANES data
nhanes_survey_designBuild survey objects for NHANES data
nhanes_variablesLoad the NHANES comprehensive variable list
nhanes_vcovExtract variance/covariance matrix from parameters of svymean
process_file_nameProcesses a file name to make sure it is valid and has the...
RNHANES-packageRNHANES simplifies downloading and analyzing NHANES data.
validate_yearCheck that the year is in the correct format e.g. '2001-2002'...
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