Man pages for SimoneTiberi/BANDITS
BANDITS: Bayesian ANalysis of DIfferenTial Splicing

BANDITS_data-classBANDITS_data class
BANDITS-packageBANDITS: Bayesian ANalysis of DIfferenTial Splicing
BANDITS_test-classBANDITS_test class
create_dataCreate a 'BANDITS_data' object
eff_len_computeCompute the median effective length of transcripts.
filter_genesFilter lowly abundant genes.
filter_transcriptsFilter lowly abundant transcripts.
gene_tr_idGene-transcript matching
input_dataA 'BANDITS_data' object, generated with 'create_data'
plot_precisionPlot the log-precision estimates
precisionEstimates for the log-precision parameter, generated with...
prior_precisionInfer an informative prior for the precision
resultsResults of the DTU test, generated with 'test_DTU'
test_DTUPerform differential splicing
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