Man pages for SoerenPannier/emdi
Estimating and Mapping Disaggregated Indicators estimators.emdi objects into a dataframe object
as.matrix.estimators.emdiTransforms estimators.emdi objects into a matrix object
compare_plotShows plots for the comparison of direct and model-based...
data_transformationTranforms dependent variables
directDirect estimation of disaggregated indicators
ebpEmpirical Best Prediction for disaggregated indicators
emdiA package for estimating and mapping disaggregated indicators
emdiObjectFitted emdiObject
estimatorsPresents point, MSE and CV estimates
estimators.emdiPresents point, MSE and/or CV estimates of an emdiObject
eusilcA_popSimulated eusilc data - population data
eusilcA_smpSimulated eusilc data - sample data
head.estimators.emdiReturns the first part of predicted indicators and, if...
load_shapeaustriaLoading the shape file for austrian districts
map_plotVisualizes regional disaggregrated estimates on a map
plot.emdiPlots for an emdi object
print.emdiPrints an emdiObject
print.estimators.emdiPrints estimators.emdi objects
print.summary.emdiPrints a summary.emdi object
subset.estimators.emdiSubsets an estimators.emdi object
summary.emdiSummarizes an emdiObject
tail.estimators.emdiReturns the last part of predicted indicators and, if chosen,...
write.excelExports an emdiObject to an excel file or OpenDocument...
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