Man pages for SolangeD/RSambada
Processing Pipeline for 'SamBada' from Pre- To Post-Processing

createEnvCreate env file from raster file(s) and/or global database...
downloadSambadaDownload samBada
plotManhattanManhattan plot
plotMapPlotting of maps
plotResultInteractiveInteractive plotting of results
prepareEnvPrepare environmental input
prepareGenoPrepare genomic input
prepareOutputPrepare output (useful for all postprocessing analysis)
RSambada-packageRSambada: A package for running sambada within R with...
R.SamBada-packageR.SamBada: A package for running samBada within R with...
sambadaParallelRun sambada on parallel cores
setLocationSet the location of samples through a local web-application...
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