Man pages for SovereignNode/cryptor
Utility for Crypto research

api_cmc_top_nExtract top_n currencies from CoinMarketCap
binance_accountGet current Binance account information, including balances
binance_balancesGet current Binance balances in a nice table
binance_coinsGet all currently valid coin names from Binance
binance_coins_pricesGet all currently valid coin names from Binance along with...
binance_klinesGet kline/candlestick data from Binance
binance_mytradesGet all trades on the Binance account
binance_queryRequest the Binance API
binance_signSign the query string for Binance
binance_symbolsGet all currently valid symbol names from Binance
binance_ticker_all_pricesGet latest Binance conversion rates and USD prices on all...
check_credentials_binanceCheck if Binance credentials were set previously
check_credentials_krakenCheck if Kraken credentials were set previously
check_credentials_nomicsCheck if Nomics credentials were set previously
credentials_binanceSets the API key and secret to interact with the Binance API
credentials_krakenSets the API key and secret to interact with the Kraken API
credentials_nomicsSets the API key and secret to interact with the Nomics API
data_long_to_wideConvert long dataframe to a wide format
data_wide_to_longConvert a wide dataframe to a long format
from_rfc3339Convert an RFC3339 date to an R date
index_seriesIndex a timeseries at a given point
key_binanceLook up Binance API key stored in the environment
key_krakenLook up Kraken API key stored in the environment
key_nomicsLook up Nomics API key stored in the environment
kraken_add_orderAdd standard order
kraken_add_order_internalAdd standard order
kraken_add_order_until_completeAdd orders until rebalanced
kraken_allocation_currentGet current and target allocation
kraken_assetpairsGet available assetpairs
kraken_assetsget available assets
kraken_balanceGet trade balance
kraken_cancel_open_orderCancel open order
kraken_cancel_open_ordersCancel open orders or a selection of order ids
kraken_candlesGet candle data
kraken_get_closed_ordersGet closed orders
kraken_get_deposit_addressGet deposit addresses
kraken_get_deposit_methodsGet deposit methods
kraken_get_open_ordersGet open orders
kraken_get_withdrawal_infoGet withdrawal information
kraken_lastpriceGet a pair's last available price
kraken_ledgerget ledger information
kraken_ohlcrobust retrieval of OHLC for a single pair
kraken_ohlc_simpleretrieval of OHLC data for a single pair
kraken_orderbookGet order book
kraken_query_orders_infoQuery orders info
kraken_rebalance_portfolioRebalance the portfolio on Kraken
kraken_servertimeget Kraken servertime
kraken_spreadGet recent spread data
kraken_tickerget a ticker
kraken_withdraw_fundsWithdraw funds
nomics_candlesExchange candles endpoint
nomics_candles_aggrThe candles endpoint returns aggregated open, high, low,...
nomics_currenciesNomics currencies
nomics_currencies_sparklineCurrencies sparkline
nomics_exchange_ratesThe exchange rates endpoint returns the current exchange...
nomics_exchange_rates_historyExchange rates for every point in a time range. This endpoint...
nomics_interval_currenciesOpen and close prices and volume for all currencies between a...
nomics_interval_exchange_marketsThe exchange market interval endpoint returns a summary of...
nomics_interval_exchange_ratesExchange rates to convert from USD over a time interval. This...
nomics_interval_marketsThe market interval endpoint returns a summary of information...
nomics_interval_mcap_aggrMarket capitalization history in aggregate
nomics_interval_mcap_indivMarket capitalization for individuals currencies historical
nomics_interval_suppliesOpen and close supply information for all currencies between...
nomics_marketsNomics markets
nomics_mcap_indivMarket capitalization for individuals currencies
nomics_pricesThe prices endpoint returns current prices for all...
nomics_prices_exchange_marketsExchange market prices
nomics_prices_marketsMarket prices
nomics_volume_globalVolume History is the total volume for all cryptoassets in...
queryAPI querying function
query_krakenBase functionality to call the Kraken API directly
query_nomicsUtility function to query Nomics API
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
secret_binanceLook up Binance API secret stored in the environment
secret_krakenLook up Kraken API secret stored in the environment
sign_krakenSignature method for the Kraken API
to_rfc3339Convert an R date to the RFC3339 format used in Nomics API
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