Man pages for SrivastavaLab/bwgtools
Access data from the bromeliad working group

bromeliad.ibuttons_readRead in the bromeliad.ibuttons tab
bromeliad.physical_readRead in the bromeliad.physical tab
bromeliad.terrestrial_readRead in the bromeliad.terrestrial tab
brom_id_makerMake id column
bwgtoolsbwgtools: A package for the bromeliad working group: the...
combine_tabObtain data for all sites
decomp_responsesSpecies decomp and total decomp
fill_in_argentinaFill in argentina data
filter_centre_leafFilter out the centre leaf
filter_long_waterFilter water data (long format)
filter_naonly_groupsFilter out any groups where depth is all NA
find_site_bromAre the columns site and found in this...
get_all_sitesGet all that data
get_bwg_namesobtain the full name data from github
get_decompCalculate decomposition rates for all sites
group_or_summarizeGroup or summarize water data (long form)
hydro_variablesCalculate the hydrological variables
invert_to_longTidy wide invert data into long format
leaf_loss_meanCalculate average decomposition for each species
leaf_loss_samplecalculate loss for each sample
leaf.waterdepths_readRead in the leaf.waterdepths tab
longwatermake the water data long
make_default_pathMake default dropbox path
make_full_timelinefill in the missing timeline
make_matrixCreate a matrix from a data.frame
make_rlqCreate matrices for RLQ analysis
make_support_fileMake the support file
merge_funcMerge functional groups to invert data
names_all_sameCheck that names are all identical
neutral_readread in a neutral file
offlineGet a file while offline
physical_longMake physical data long
read_sheetRead an excel file from dropbox account
read_site_sheetread in a sheet from all sites
site.info_readRead in the tab
site.weather_readRead in the tab
sum_func_groupssummarize functional groups
sum_trophicSummarize functional groups still farther into trophic ranks
terrestrial.taxa_readRead in the terrestrial.taxa tab
water_summary_calcCalculate water depth measurements
which_names_doubledFind and edit duplicate names in dataset
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