Man pages for Stan125/bamlss.vis
Framework for the Visualization of Distributional Regression Models

bad_range_warningInternal: Function that constructs a warning message for the...
disc_transInternal: Transform discrete predictions into a usable df
distreg_checkerChecker if object is either gamlss or bamlss
distreg.vis'distreg.vis' package
distsInformation about supported and not yet supported...
ex_fExternal Function Implementer
expl_varsInternal: Function to obtain all explanatory variables used...
fac_checkFactor Checker
fac_equFactor Equalizer
fam_fun_getterObtain d&p&q&r functions
fam_obtainerInternal: Family obtainer
f_dispModel distribution family display-er
formula_printerModel formulas printer
gamlss_data_cleanerGAMLSS expl_data cleaner
has.momentsInternal: Distributional Moments implementation checker
is.bamlssInternal: Is bamlss family?
is.continuousInternal: Continuous/Mixed Distribution checker
is.discreteInternal: Discrete Distribution Checker
is.gamlssInternal: Is gamlss family?
is.implementedInternal: Distribution Implementation Checker
limitsInternal: Plot limit getter
lims_getterInternal: Upper- and lower limit of distribution getter
link_printerModel link functions printer
model_dataModel data getter
model_fam_dataCreate a dataset to fit models with all possible families in...
momentsReturn expected first two moments of a distribution, given...
mult_transInternal: Function to transform multinomial predictions
palette_getterInternal: Get colour palettes for 3D plots
pdfcdf_continuousInternal: Create the pdf/cdf for continuous covariates
pdfcdf_discreteInternal: Create the pdf/cdf for discrete covariates
plot_distPlot predicted bamlss distribution families with ggplot2
plot_momentsPlot function: Display the influence of a covariate
plot_multinom_expInternal: Plot function as sub-case to plot_moments for...
predsPredict distributional parameters of a bamlss family with a...
quantsGet quantile limits of a distribution
range_checkerInternal: Function that checks whether chosen covariate...
real_pmvnormInternal: Real cumulative density function of multivariate...
search_distregdistreg Searcher
search_funsfunction Searcher
tidy_cFunction for better use of formatR's tidy_source
type_getterInternal: Limit type getter
visdistreg.vis function
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