Man pages for StatisticsNZ/dembase
Analysing Cross-Classified Data about Populations

accessionCalculate accession from a movements account.
addDimensionAdd one or more dimensions to a demographic array.
addPairAdd a "destination" or "child" dimension to an object.
ageMinMaxGet or set minimum and maximum ages.
ageTimeStepGet the age-time step used by a demographic array.
ageToAgeGroupConvert exact ages to age groups
alignPairAlign categories dimensions that come in pairs. a DemographicArray Object to a Data Frame
attachSubtotalsAttach a set of known subtotals to a Counts object.
chainChain concordances.
classificationsNames of classifications used by concordances.
cleanAgeGroupClean up age group labels
codesExtract the codes used by a concordance.
codesAmbiguousTest whether codes in a concordance have fixed meanings.
coerce-dataCoerce to numeric or integer.
coercionCoerce concordances to other formats.
collapseCategoriesCollapse multiple categories into a single category.
collapseDimensionCollapse one or more dimensions of a demographic array.
collapseIntervalsCollapse intervals.
collapseIterationsSummarize iterations.
collapseOrigDestConvert data on movements into a less detailed format.
componentNamesGet or set the names of components of a demographic account.
componentsExtract one or more components from a demographic account.
ConcordanceCreate a concordance.
Concordance-classS4 class for holding concordances.
countsone-valuesoneCreate one-dimensional object of class "Counts" or "Values"
counts-values-generatorCreate objects of class "Counts" or "Values".
CountsWithSubtotals-classS4 Class For Counts with Subtotals.
datesToAgeGroupsCalculate ages, periods, cohorts, and Lexis triangles from...
dbindCombine DemographicArray objects.
dembaseAnalysing cross-classified data about populations
DemographicAccount-classClasses "DemographicAccount", "Movements", "Transitions"
DemographicArray-classClasses "DemographicArray", "Counts", and "Values".
derivePopulationDerive population counts from initial population and...
dimscalesGet or set the dimscales of a demographic array
dimtypesGet or set the dimtypes of an object.
dplotConstruct a lattice plot from a demographic array.
dropDrop dimensions of length one.
expandCategoriesExpand a single category into multiple categories.
expandIntervalsSplit wide intervals into narrower ones
exported-not-apiClasses and functions that are exported but that are not part...
exposureCalculate exposure from population counts.
exposureBirthsCalculate exposure to use for modelling births.
extrapolateAdd extrapolated values to demographic array.
fillForwardUse observed values to fill in missing values in vector
growthCalculate average growth rates or increments.
hasRegularAgeTimeAge steps and time steps of demographic array.
imputeQuick and dirty imputation of missing values.
internal-accountClasses used by DemographicAccount.
internal-methodsInternal methods
intervalScoreInterval score.
isConsistentTest whether a demographic account is internally consistent.
limitsFirst and last categories used by each dimension.
makeConsistentMake a demographic account internally consistent.
midpointsReplace intervals by their midpoints.
MovementsCreate a demographic account based on movements.
names-methodsGet or set dimension names
net-pool-classesClasses to summarise origin-destination flows.
net-pool-generatorsCreate object of class "Net" and "Pool".
nIterationGet the number of iterations in a demographic array.
pairAlignedTest whether pairs of dimensions aligned.
perturbGenerate demographic array consisting of random values.
plot-methodsPlot a demographic array
populationExtract population counts from a demographic account.
prop.tableCalculate proportions within dimensions of a demographic...
reallocateToEndAgesReallocate counts or values to youngest and oldest age...
redistributeRandomly allocate counts in proportion to weights.
redistributeCategoryRedistribute values from one or more categories among the...
resetDiagReset values where origin equals destination.
resetIterationsReset iteration labels.
rotateAgeTimeRotate the age-time plan used by a demographic array
round3Randomly round a dataset to base 3.
slabExtract or replace a slab from a demographic array.
spliceSplice concordances.
Statistical-FunctionsExisting statistical functions.
subarraySubset a demographic array.
SubArrayIndices-classClass used by function 'subarray'.
subtotalsGet subtotals attached to a Counts object.
tfrCalculate total fertility rates.
thinIterationsReduce the number of iterations in demographic array.
timeToPeriodConvert years to periods
translateTranslate between classifications.
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