Man pages for StatisticsNZ/demlife
Life Tables a life table to a data frame.
collapseIntervals-LifeTableCollapse intervals in a life table.
convertToMxConvert life table function into mortality rates.
demlifeFunctions and data structures for life tables.
lifeExpectancyCalculate life expectancy.
LifeTableCreate a LifeTable object.
LifeTable-classS4 class for describing a life table.
lifeTableFunExtract a life table function from a life table.
probQuantiles used by a life table.
radixGet or set the radix of a life table.
showFunGet or set the life table functions shown by default by a...
showQuantilesWhether a LifeTable objects shows quantiles.
showTotalWhether a LifeTable objects shows a "total" category for sex
SxCalculate Sx, the probability of surviving into the next age...
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