Man pages for Steensson/timeulaR
A wrapper for the Timeular public API

archiveActivityArchive an Activity
assignActivityAssign an Activity to Device Side
convert_mins_to_hmConvert minutes to H:M format
createActivityCreate an Activity
currentTrackingShow current tracking
editActivityEdit an Activity
fetchKeyFetch API key
generateKeysGenerate new API key & API secret
helloHello, World!
integrationsList enabled Integrations
listActivitiesList all activities
listArchivedActivitiesList all archived activities
listDevicesList all known devices
posix_to_timeularConvert POSIX object to Timeular timestamp
signInObtain access token
tagsAndMentionsFetch tags & mentions of given activity
timeEntriesFind Time Entries in given range
timetrackDayGet the aggregated timetrack on a specific day
timetrackWeekGet the aggregated timetrack in a specific week
timeular_to_posixConvert Timeular timestamp to POSIX object
unassignActivityUnassign an activity from a device Side
userProfileFetch user's profile
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