Man pages for StevenMMortimer/rdynamicscrm
An Implementation of a 'MS Dynamics CRM' Client

build_delete_id_bodyBuild Request Body for Delete by Id
build_retrieve_id_bodyBuild Request Body for Retrieve by Id
catch_errorsFunction to catch and print HTTP errors
catch_errors2Another function to catch and print HTTP errors
catch_errors_wo_retryAnother function to catch and print HTTP errors
convert_entity_data_to_bodyBuild Request Body for a Single Record
dyn_authAuthenticate to MS Dynamics CRM
dyn_auth_refreshRefresh an existing authorized MS Dynamics CRM session
dyn_createCreate Records
dyn_deleteDelete Records
dyn_headerReturn authentication header
dyn_input_data_validationValidate the input for an operation
dyn_queryPerform FetchXML Query
dyn_retrieveRetrieve Records By Id
dyn_updateUpdate Records
dyn_whoamiReturn Current User Info
extract_key_value_dataExtract Key-Value Pairs
generate_fetchxmlGenerate FetchXML from Arguments
gen_value_nodeCreate XML Node for Single Value
get_osDetermine the host operating system
header_availableCheck header availability
rdynamicscrm'rdynamicscrm' package
rdynamicscrm_stateReturn the package's .state environment variable
update_headerUpdate the Header of a Call
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