Man pages for StevenMMortimer/squareupr
An Implementation of 'Square' APIs

catch_errors_connect_v1Catches Connect v1 httr errors and prints them nicely
catch_errors_connect_v2Catches Connect v2 httr errors and prints them nicely
get_osDetermine the host operating system
is_legit_tokenCheck that token appears to be legitimate
personal_access_token_availableCheck personal_access_token availability
rDELETEDELETEs with retries and authentication
rGETGETs with retries and authentication
rPATCHPATCHs with retries and authentication
rPOSTPOSTs with retries and authentication
rPUTPUTs with retries and authentication
sq_access_tokenReturn access_token attribute of OAuth 2.0 Token
sq_authLog in to Square
sq_auth_checkCheck that an Authorized Square Session Exists
sq_auth_refreshRefresh an existing Authorized Square Token
sq_create_customerCreate Customer
sq_create_itemCreate Item
sq_delete_customerDelete Customer
sq_delete_itemDelete Item
sq_extract_cust_groupsExtract Group Membership from Customer Data
sq_get_customerGet Customer
sq_get_itemGet Item
sq_get_locationGet Location
sq_get_paymentGet Payment
sq_get_transactionGet Transaction
sq_list_categoriesList Categories
sq_list_customersList Customers
sq_list_discountsList Discounts
sq_list_feesList Fees
sq_list_generic_v1List Records from Connect V1 Endpoints
sq_list_itemsList Items
sq_list_locationsList Locations
sq_list_modifiersList Modifiers
sq_list_paymentsList Payments
sq_list_transactionsList Transactions
sq_null_to_naConvenience Function to Map 'NULL' to 'NA'
sq_personal_access_tokenReturn personal_access_token resulting from Basic auth...
sq_search_customersSearch Customers
sq_tokenReturn either the personal_access_token or OAuth access_token
squareupr'squareupr' package
squareupr_stateReturn the package's .state environment variable
sq_update_customerUpdate Customer
sq_update_itemUpdate Item
token_availableCheck token availability
VERB_nGeneric implementation of HTTP methods with retries and...
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