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Welcome !

If you are a newcomer in the development of R packages or more specifically to the SticsRPacks community, this repository is for you. It was specifically created to help new people to learn the basis of all tools used around R packages development.

This tutorial is itself an R package in disguise, so we can use it as a support for learning. There are three main steps to follow, all written as vignettes:

You should follow these steps in order to start learning all about R package development.

Summary workflow

If you already completed the tutorials, you may find a summary of the workflow usefull. For others, you can see that a set of few commands is used in the end, so go to the first tutorial here to learn what they do!

In summary, here are the steps to follow once everything is set up:

  1. Make a branch
  2. Modify the code or add new functions
  3. Update the documentation (ctrl+shift+D)
  4. Update the website (pkgdown::build_site())
  5. Build the package (ctrl+shift+B) and the vignettes (devtools::build_vignettes())
  6. (optional) Run the CRAN checks locally (ctrl+shift+E)
  7. (optional) Run the unit tests locally (ctrl+shift+T)
  8. Commit your changes using Github desktop
  9. Publish your branch and make a pull request using Github desktop
  10. Control the CI tools outputs
  11. Wait for the review

And voilà!

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