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An R package for common tasks associated with the Outlier Detection working Group, including outlier detection, unit conversion and time series smoothing.

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How to use this package

Step 1: install R

This package requires R version 3.5 or higher. Visit the R homepage ( to get the latest version.

Step 2: install the remotes package for R

The remotes package simplifies the process of installing R packages from GitHub Repositories. To install the remotes package, open R and execute the following command:


Step 3: install the ODWGtools package (this repository)

The ODWGtools package (this repository) can be installed by executing the following command in R:


Step 4: (optional) install additional packages

While they are not strictly required, the ODWGtools package can use tools from some additional packages:

Step 5: load the ODWGtools package

The ODWGtools package can now be used just like any other R package. You can load the package by executing the following R command:


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