Man pages for Swarchal/phenoDist
Distance Measurements in Phenotypic Screening

angsim_to_cossimConvert angular similarity to cosine similarity
angular_similarityAngular similarity
average_vectorCalculates and average vector
bhatt_distBhattacharyya distance
centre_controlShift co-ordinates to centre on a compounds centroid
cosine_pairsCalculate pairs of cosine similarities between replicates
cosine_simCosine similarity
cosine_sim_matCreates a cosine similarity matrix
cosine_sim_vectorCosine similarity between two vectors
cossim_to_angsimConvert cosine similarity to angular similarity
euclid_distEuclidean distance between two vectors
fold_180Constrains numbers to 180
get_featuredataGet featuredata columns
mahal_distMahalanobis Distance
manhattanManhattan distance between two vectors
manhattan_normNormalised Manhattan distance
multi_zMultivariate Z-prime
norm_vecnorm of a vector
norm_vectorCalculate the norm (or length) of a vector
return_featuresReturn features describing an eigenvector
r_zscoreRobust Z-score
scale_featuresScale feature data
ssmdStrictly standardised mean difference (SSMD)
ssmd_effect_messagessmd effect size description
thetaAngle between two vectors
theta0Angle between a vector and the origin
theta0_Angle between the vector and the origin
z_factorCalculates a Z-factor for two distributions
z_factor_scanMultiple z-factor calculations
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