Man pages for Sz-Tim/sevcheck
It's pronounced 'sev-check'

all.possible.regressionsfit all possible regressions
antilogitantilogit function
family_link.stopstop execution if unable to calculate variance for a given...
logitlogit function
nffunction for writing documentation for new functions
panel.corcalculates correlations for 'pairs'
panel.histcreates histograms for 'pairs'
rick.detdeterministic Ricker model for simulating population growth...
rick.stochstochastic Ricker model for simulating population growth in a...
r.squaredR-squared and pseudo-rsquared for (generalized) linear...
r.squared.glmmMarginal and conditional r-squared for glmm given fixed and...
rsquared.glmmR-squared and pseudo-rsquared for a list of (generalized)...
r.squared.lmMarginal r-squared for lm objects
r.squared.lmeMarginal and conditional r-squared for lme objects
r.squared.merModMarginal and conditional r-squared for merMod objects
sestandard error function
sp.bandinterpolate species richness for each elevational band
zone.freqmxzonal statistics: internal function for summarizing within...
zone.Hzonal statistics: Shannon H for raster values within zones
zone.meanzonal statistics: mean of raster values within zones
zone.sumzonal statistics: sum of raster values within zones
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