Man pages for TGuillerme/mulTree
Performs MCMCglmm on Multiple Phylogenetic Trees

as.mulTreeCombines a data table and a "multiPhylo" object into a list...
clean.dataCleaning phylogenetic data
lifespanExample dataset for the 'mulTree' package
lifespan.mcmcExample of mulTree analysis data
lifespan_volant_192taxaExample Aves and Mammalia lifespan for the mulTree package
mulTreeRun MCMCglmm on multiple trees
mulTree-packagePerforms MCMCglmm On Multiple Phylogenetic Trees.
plot.mulTreePlots 'mulTree' results
read.mulTreeReads MCMCglmm models fromn mulTree.
summary.mulTreeSummarises 'mulTree' data
tree.bindRandomly binding trees together
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