Man pages for THLfi/read.gt3x
Parse Actigraph Accelerometer Data (.gt3x) an activity matrix to a data.frame
get_n_samplesCalculate the expected activity sample size from start time...
gt3x_datapathPath to read.gt3x package sample data
gt3x_dataurlGet url of github release
gt3x_downloadDownload and unzip a zipped gt3xfile
gt3x_urlGet url of gt3x sample file
is_gt3xCheck if files are .gt3x files
list_gt3xList full paths to all gt3x files in a directory
parseActivityBinParse activity samples from a NHANES-GT3X file
parseGT3XParse activity samples from a GT3X file
parse_gt3x_infoParse GT3X info.txt file
parseLuxBinParse activity samples from a GT3X file
printPrint the contents of the activity data
print.gt3x_infoPrint the contents of the info.txt file in a gt3x folder
read.gt3xRead GT3X
ticks2datetimeConvert NET ticks to POSIXct datetime
unzip.gt3xUnzip gt3x files
unzip_single_gt3xUnzip a single gt3x file
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