Man pages for TKoscik/fsurfR
Freesurfer MGH I/O Utilities

curv.hdrRead CURV file header
fsurfR-packageFreesurfer MGH I/O Utilities
fsurf.var.lsGenerate variable names to match fsurf summary
icv.fsurfCalculate "ICV" by summing freesurer parcels
init.curvInitialize empty CURV file
init.mghInitialize MGH File
load.vertexLoad vertices for group analysis
mgh.dimsRetrieve Image Dimensions from MGH
mgh.hdrRetreive MGH File Header Information
mgh.orientRetrieve Orientation Information from MGH file
read.curv.vertexRead values from CURV file
read.fsurf.statsRead Freesurfer Stats File
read.mgh.volumeMGH volume read
read.mgh.voxelMGH voxelwise read
read.surfRead values from SURF file
summary.fsurfsummarize surf variables across subjects
write.curv.vertexWrite values to CURV file
write.mgh.volumeMGH volume write
write.mgh.voxelMGH voxelwise write
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