Man pages for TakahiroShimada/SDLfilter
Filtering Satellite-Derived Locations

AustraliaA map of Australia
bathymodelBathymetry model for Sandy Strait, Australia
ddfilterFilter locations using a data driven filter
ddfilter.loopFilter locations by quality index, inner angle, and speed
ddfilter.speedFilter locations by speed
depthfilterFilter locations by water depth
distance_filterFilter locations by distance
dupfilterFilter temporal and/or spatial duplicates
dupfilter.exactFilter temporally and spatially exact duplicates
dupfilter.qiFilter temporal duplicates by quality index
dupfilter.spaceFilter spatial duplicates
dupfilter.timeFilter temporal duplicates
est.maxvlpEstimate maximum one-way linear speed of a loop trip
est.vmaxEstimate maximum linear speed
plotMapPlot location data
SandyStraitA map of Sandy Strait, Australia
tidalplaneTidal plane table for Sandy Strait, Australia
tidedataTidal data for Sandy Strait, Australia
turtleGreen turtle tracking data
turtle2Green turtle tracking data 2
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