Man pages for TheoreticalEcosystemEcology/alien
Comparative analysis of interaction inference methods

alienAggregateAggregate alien object.
alienDataFormatting data and return an 'alienData' object
alienPredictFormat alien output.
as.alienDataConvert various formats to an alienData object.
fitDMCFit direct matching centrality among species or individus
fitMCEstimation of interaction probabilities using the matching...
getAdjacencyMatrixCompute the adjacency matrix for a given alienData object
getConnectanceCompute the connectance of a probabilistic network.
getEdgesListExtract the edges list from an adjacency matrix.
plantsPolPlant and pollinator example network
salixSalix / Gallers / Parasitoids network
summary.alienDataFormat data for the 'alien' class
webFromNicheModelGenerate a web using the niche model.
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