Man pages for Thie1e/convenience
A small collection of diverse functions for more convenient working in R

autoCheckGCGranger-Causality test with automatic choice of lag structure
charShort for as.character()
clearRemove all objects from an environment
createInteractionsCreate all possible interactions (product, sum, difference)
drawRandomly draw rows or elements from an object
getColnamesReturn the column names of all variables in the workspace
h2o.clearRemove objects from an H2O connection (server)
htReturn the First and Last Rows or Elements of an Object
numWrapper for as.numeric()
showMbReturn the names and sizes in Mb of a number of objects
shuffleShuffle rows or elements of a data object
storeAllStore all objects out of memory which are larger than a...
storeTheseStore a list of objects out of memory
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