Man pages for ThierryO/rhinolophus
Identify Bats from Ultrasound Recordings

contour2pulseCluster contours into pulses
correct_timestampShift the timestamp 2 hours back
ensemble.predictGet predicted probabilities of class membership based on an...
fft_pulseCalculate the fast fourier transformation for each pulse
find_pulsesFind the location of possible pulses in a spectrogram
get_speciesget the species information of all recordings in a directory
next_power_2Calculate the next power of 2
plotpatternPlot a single pattern
prepareplotPrepare the plot a single pattern
rda2patternConvert rda files to a set of patterns
read_wavread a WAV file
reconstruct.pulsereconstruct a pulse
sample.pulseselect a random pulse
spectrogram_contourCalculate contour polygons from a spectrogram
trainrdaTrain a Kohonen network
wav2rdaFind the pulses in a bunch of wav files and save them to rda...
wav2spectrogramConvert the output of read_wav to a spectrogram
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