Man pages for ThinkR-open/shinytemplate
A Framework for Robust Shiny Applications

add_filesCreate Files
addins'{golem}' addins
add_moduleCreate a module
add_resource_pathAdd resource path
amend_golem_configAmend golem config file
browser_buttonInsert an hidden browser button
bundle_resourcesAutomatically serve golem external resources
create_golemCreate a package for a Shiny App using '{golem}'
detach_all_attachedDetach all attached package
disable_autoloadDisabling Shiny Autoload of R Scripts
dockerfilesCreate a Dockerfile for your App
document_and_reloadDocument and reload your package
faviconAdd a favicon to your shinyapp
file_creationAdd fct_ and utils_ files
fill_descFill your description
get_current_configGet the path to the current config File
get_golem_optionsGet all or one golem options
get_sysreqsGet system requirements (Deprecated)
golemA package for building Shiny App
golem_jsInteract with JavaScript built-in Functions
golem_opts'{golem}' options
install_dev_depsInstall golem dev dependencies
is_runningIs the running app a golem app?
made_devFunctions already made dev dependent
make_devMake a function dependent to dev mode
module_templateGolem Module Template Function
pkg_toolsPackage tools
prodIs the app in dev mode or prod mode?
project_hookProject Hook
rstudio_deployAdd an app.R at the root of your package to deploy on RStudio...
run_devRun run_dev.R
sanity_checkSanity check for R files in the project
templateGolem's default custom templates
testhelpersTest helpers
use_filesUse Files
use_module_testAdd a test file for a module
use_recommendedAdd recommended elements
utils_filesUse the utils files
with_golem_optionsAdd Golem options to a Shiny App
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