Man pages for TiStat/Imputegamlss
Imputing censored covariates with distributional regression - gamlss

andrewAndrew's curves
andrewcoreCore function to be passed to andrew.imputed
andrew.imputedAndrew's Curves of covariates for "imputed" class objects
family_funEvaluate GAMLSS family functions from gamlss object
generateblankdataGenerating a blank data frame
imputexImputing censored covariates - GAMLSS
plot.imputedPlot proposed imputations and their conditional censored...
print.imputedPrinting an object of class "imputed"
samplecensoredInverse sampling - GAMLSS
simulateDataSimluate missing/censored data
simulatedefectDefect existing data.
summary.imputedSummarizing an object of class "imputed"
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