Man pages for TobCap/lazystreamr
Provides basic functions that handle lazy stream objects

basic_functionsExtract the element of a lazy stream
generatorsLazy stream generators
is_lazystreamis functions
lappendappend lazy stream
lbooleanBoolean functions
lconcatConcat a lazy object
lconsCreates a pair, the right value is promised (by making...
lfoldfold a lazy stream
lindexingExtract the nth elements (starting from 0)
linfinitInfinit lists
llengthCount length of finite lazy stream
llistMake a finite lazy object from R's object
llist_transformerllist transformation
lnullCheck weather a lazy stream is lempty
lprintPrint a lazy stream object
lsearchingSearching with predicate f
lzipZipping and unzipping a lazy stream
sublistsExtracting subset of lazy stream
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