Man pages for ToowoombaTrio/BOMRang
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology Data from R

bomrangFetches Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)...
bomrang-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in the bomrang package
get_ag_bulletinGet BOM Agriculture Bulletin Information for Select Stations
get_available_imageryGet a Listing of Available BOM Satellite GeoTIFF Imagery
get_current_weatherGet Current Weather Observations of a BOM Station
get_historicalObtain Historical BOM Data
get_precis_forecastGet BOM Daily Précis Forecast for Select Towns
get_satellite_imageryGet BOM Satellite GeoTIFF Imagery
get_weather_bulletinGet BOM 0900 or 1500 Weather Bulletin
manage_cacheManage Locally Cached BOM Files
sweep_for_stationsFind Nearest BOM Weather Stations
update_forecast_townsUpdate bomrang Internal Database with Latest BOM Forecast...
update_station_locationsUpdate bomrang Internal Databases with Latest BOM Station...
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