Man pages for TuCai/phuse
Web Application Framework for 'PhUSE' Scripts

build_inputsBuild Inputs from Script Metadata for Phuse Web Framework
build_script_dfBuild Script Index Dataset
chk_workdirVerify work directory
create_dirCreate a directory
crt_workdirCreate work directory
cvt_class2dfConvert a class to data fram
cvt_list2dfConvert list to data frame
download_fnsDownload files from a repository
download_scriptDownload files defined in script metadata
download_script_filesDownload files from a repository
extract_fnsExtract File Names from Script Metadata
get_inputsGet Inputs from Input Sources
get_yml_inputsGet Inputs from Script Metadata File
init_cfgInitialize configuration for phuse
merge_listsCompare and merge two lists
read_ymlRead YML file into a list
resolveResolve absolute path
run_exampleRun example
start_phuseStart Phuse Web Application
url.existsCheck URL based on httr package
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